My Head Is Spinning

The sound of laughter and pop music from the 1980s. The smell of Aberdeen Angus burgers mixed with sweet, chocolate-filled crêpes. A sip of Glühwein and children spinning in giant, neon-lit tea cups. The Fair is a heady mix that saturates the senses.

Sign of the Times

It’s a sign of the times that the most glamorous part of Edinburgh’s main shopping street in the lead up to Christmas is the new Primark cut-price clothing shop. It’s as if all the other shops have just given up.

Why I Switched My Photoblog To

Where I came from I’ve been blogging for many years, firstly on hosted services like Typepad, then moving to hosting my own WordPress installations for several blogs. It’s a bit more effort to host things yourself, but you do get total control over your site, something I wanted. I also like to know how things …

Photography program on TV tonight

A quick aside for any UK readers that there is a program on BBC 4 tonight at 9pm called “America in Pictures: The Story of Life Magazine” which looks at some of Life’s famous photos and the photographers behind them. Rankin made a program for the BBC earlier this year, where he re-shot some famous …