Weekly Photo Challenge: (Love)

On the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, lies the Heart of Midlothian. From Wikipedia:- Visitors to Edinburgh will often notice people spitting on the Heart. A tolbooth (prison) stood on the site, where executions used to take place. The heart marks its doorway: the point of public execution. Some people spit on the Heart. Although it now …

Fare Thee Well, Edinburgh

Just before we left Scotland, I purchased an old Olympus OM-2N, keen to see if I would enjoy the simplicity of a film camera once again. As soon as I unpacked it, and held it, I knew it would be a joy to use. It felt solid, despite its small size, and loading in a …

My Head Is Spinning

The sound of laughter and pop music from the 1980s. The smell of Aberdeen Angus burgers mixed with sweet, chocolate-filled crêpes. A sip of Glühwein and children spinning in giant, neon-lit tea cups. The Fair is a heady mix that saturates the senses.

Sign of the Times

It’s a sign of the times that the most glamorous part of Edinburgh’s main shopping street in the lead up to Christmas is the new Primark cut-price clothing shop. It’s as if all the other shops have just given up.

Autumn Light In Dean Village

I had a spare hour to play with last week at lunch time, and decided to visit Dean Cemetery and Dean Village, near the centre of Edinburgh. I walked the path from the cemetery, along the Water of Leith, which is a gorge cut through Edinburgh, with a river running through it. The lucky people …