Weekly Photo Challenge: (Love)

On the Royal Mile, Edinburgh, lies the Heart of Midlothian. From Wikipedia:- Visitors to Edinburgh will often notice people spitting on the Heart. A tolbooth (prison) stood on the site, where executions used to take place. The heart marks its doorway: the point of public execution. Some people spit on the Heart. Although it now …

The Lonely Boot

Walking to work, I spied this lonely boot, by the side of the alley way. Why just one? I wondered about its owner all day. Submitted to the Photo Friday challenge ‘One‘.

A Weekend At The Turnberry

I had double luck earlier this year – my parents came to stay and looked after our son while we had a rare night away at a secret location (my wife is much better at keeping surprises than I am). The secret location turned out to be the Turnberry hotel on the Ayrshire coast. Apparently …

Danger of Death

I find these warning signs almost comical in the way they portray electrocution. I also managed to trip over a “Warning floor may be slippery” sign today.